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Grey Alien Dolls - Adorable conversation pieces, posed in your home for viewing.
I will work with you in however you want your alien doll to look.  

You can choose the size of your doll and whether you want a costume or not.  Different body colors available. Just contact me for a price quote.  

   "peace out"


Grey Alien Dolls
E-mail me - with any request or comments.
Outta this world...
Rock Band !!!
Customer Feedback:
I had 3 grays made and they are an awesome looking trio. Workmanship was excellent and they arrived on time and in perfect condition.
Customer Feedback:

I love my grey alien doll. He arrived very quickly and was exactly as pictured. Lots of sewing detail and very well done. These are one-of-a-kind individually made dolls. He's a real conversation piece. Excellent quality and wonderful customer service. 
Customer Feedback:

Great looking alien. Was perfect for our "Out of the World" themed conference. The alien was exactly as ordered, complete with a very stylish outfit and bow-tie. 
Customer Photo
Customer Photo
Customer Photo
Starlet is beautiful and wonderful and absolutely PERFECT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am over the moon with joy. Thank you, thank you and I am so glad you sent a bunch of cards. I will hand them out for anyone interested. LOVE HER!!!! 

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Received the alien today. Very pleased. Nice job. Thank you.

Customer, John said...

He will ride along when my fire engine will be displayed at musters of antique fire engines or at fire prevention activities that I assist local fire departments with.

Thank you so much for making the alien the size I wanted. I would definitely order again. The quality is great-it had to be made to order and I still received the item in record time

Skinny Bob is part of the family! (they named him Skinny Bob)

Hello Jane! I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours was. Madeline was ecstatic with her alien doll! In fact, after the present opening was all over, Maddy told me, more than once, that it was the best Christmas she’d ever had in her whole life. Now that’s pretty high praise, and I know that getting her doll was a large part of that. Thank you for your amazing handicraft work on him. She’s named him Skinny Bob, which as you may know, is the name that was allegedly given to one of the Roswell aliens. She carries him around a lot, with his arms wrapped around her neck – it’s very cute. And Maddy loved the extras you included for her too, so thank you!
On Christmas Day she took him to our big family lunch gathering, and my brother-in-law had Skinny Bob on his lap and was talking and gesturing for him – had everyone laughing; so Skinny Bob very much added to all our Christmas joy!

On New Year’s Eve, we went into town for the city’s fireworks display, and it was super-crowded. We were with a group a friends, and one of the other Mums and I were walking behind Maddy as she followed her Dad and our friends, with Skinny Bob in her arms (his arms wrapped around her neck, head cuddling over her shoulder, and his legs dangling down). Oh. My. Gosh. It was hilarious to watch people’s faces as they passed Maddy! Almost everyone who walked past her from the other direction would cut their eyes across to look at Skinny Bob, and then as they got past her, would swivel their heads to get a look a Skinny Bob’s face, cuddling over Maddy’s shoulder! He gave lots of people smiles, laughs or just a double-take! Boy oh boy it was certainly entertaining! Later that night, Maddy’s 18 year brother, Reed, said “Skinny Bob kind of creeped me out when she first got him, but he really does have personality and he’s very cute and sweet – you have to promise that we’ll never get rid of him”…and Elliana, our 15 year old, added “Yeah! He’s adorable!” So there you are. Skinny Bob is part of the family now and here to stay; you can rest assured that your time and effort was all very much worth it, and he has come to a good, loving home!
Special little girl gets her special gift for Christmas 

Her dad comments...

Hi Jane,

Christmas arrived, Brianna was home again, and time to unwrap the presents. she absolutely loves her Alien Doll and I am sending you a picture of her as she unwrapped it. You are free to use it in any manner you wish. 

Hi, Jane.
I was finally able to get a picture of him with the doll. I hope the quality is ok for your website. He has Aspergers and doesn't like taking pictures much, so I have to be sneaky and quick But he loves that doll! He named him "Grey" and has kept it with him since he got it. Thank you so much!
Precious little boy with his new alien doll...
I am so very delighted to have made the acquaintance of my new friend, Bobo. He’s quite a character. He says he’s very old, and while I would describe him as worldly, he insists that he is more “otherworldly.” It’s true that he is a great companion for watching TV on the couch.

  Whenever I turn on that “Ancient Aliens” show, he laughs hysterically and falls to the floor. My only concern is that he’s always going on about some hobby that he refers to as “probing.” I can’t say I like the sound of it. I’ve attached a picture of him with a couple of other locals, Dolph (on the left) and Petra (on the right). 

 I’ve also attached an old snapshot he asked me to post on our “primitive internet,” as he calls it. I said I’d send it on, but could make no promises.

Bob in Chicago